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Dark Psychology Secrets

Dark Psychology Secrets
Author(s):Daniel James Hollins
Publisher:Independently Published
Pages:188 pages
Size: 761 KB

[tab] [content title="Description"]Whether you have been experiencing manipulation for years, or if this is something entirely new, psychological manipulation can be tricky to decipher. Mostly because the manipulators themselves are true masters of emotional disguise. More often than not, their sweet talking covers their self-serving, dishonest, and, on the whole, sinister intentions. On top of this confusing mismatch of words and examples have also been included in this text to help you get the hang of pinpointing and understanding what emotional manipulation looks like in the real world. [/content] [content title="Content"] [/content] [content title="About the author"]James Henry Hollins (1877 – 22 September 1954[1]) was a British trade unionist and politician. Hollins, a supporter of the Social Democratic Federation, was branch secretary in Silvertown of the National Union of Gasworkers & General Labourers around 1914 and appears to have been an energetic organiser.[2] In the 1930s, Hollins was an alderman in West Ham and in 1930 he was Mayor.[3] In April 1931 Alderman Hollins was appointed a member of the committee appointed to consider preparations for the prevention of damage by floods in the Thames tidal area.[4] [/content] [/tab]

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