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The Art Of Psychological Warfare (Michael T. Stevens)

The Art Of Psychological Warfare (Michael T. Stevens)
Author(s):Michael T. Stevens
Publisher:Make Profits Easy LLC
Pages:112 pages

[tab] [content title="Description"]Do you feel like other people always get the best of you? Do you wish you were more assertive in dealing with others? Have you ever felt bullied or dismissed by others? Want to get some payback? Then you're ready to take psychological warfare seriously. You'll never have a mere conversation again after putting our tricks into practice. [/content] [content title="Content"]This book teaches you personal interaction on a psychological level. It runs from trivial tricks like getting people to like and respect you more, to tactical life skills like making a convincing argument or persuading somebody to do you a large favor. In case you're up for some heavier artillery, it also teaches you how to play manipulative tricks on people by exploiting arcane quirks in the human mind, to psychological combat maneuvers practiced by law enforcement and the military. [/content] [content title="About the author"]At Utah Valley University, I'm a Professor of Biology and the Director of Capitol Reef Field Station. I received my PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison and taught at California State University, Stanislaus, before coming to UVU. I teach and conduct research in two areas: plant ecology and science education. As a plant ecologist, I study how plants interact with their environment including herbivores, soil nutrients and water, boulders, and fire. I'm especially interested in how such interactions affect the expression of plant traits and patterns of plant growth and distribution. My research has focused on native trees and shrubs such as quaking aspen, netleaf hackberry, and Alaska paper birch; invasive species such as tree-of-heaven and myrtle spurge; and endangered species including Holmgren's milkvetch and clay phacelia. As a science educator, I study perceptions of crowding among national-park visitors, field-station partnerships between universities and national parks, and the roles that Science Faculty with Education Specialties (SFES) play in higher education. [/content] [/tab]

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